Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list: ‘Business models, start-ups, and web design’ edition

Aaron Hoos: Weekly reading list

It was a busy week but here are a few articles I read this past week that I think you might enjoy.

  • A new threat for big grocery: AmazonFresh. This article, published at CanadianBusiness, explores how the game is changing among traditional (“big”) grocery chains in Canada. I’m not an expert in grocery or logistics or even retail but I do write and think a lot about business models and that’s really what is going on here. big grocery chains are feeling threatened by the possibility of a grocery delivery service by Amazon. Grocery delivery is a hard business model to succeed with but if anyone can do it, Amazon can. I’ll be watching this closely — not only because I love business models but also because I hate going to the grocery store!
  • From zero to a million: 20 lessons for starting an internet marketing agency. This article is not about starting an internet marketing agency. Well it is but that’s not how I read it. It’s a great article about starting ANY business. If you are planning to start a small business, or you are running one right now, read this article and memorize the steps and then implement them.
  • 19 lessons from heatmap tests. Want to know what people are doing on your website? Of course you do. The more you know, the more you can change your site design to shape your prospects’ and customers’ experience — and ultimately get the right people to buy more from you. One way to test how they use your site is to use heatmaps of eye-tracking to see where people look. Yeah, I don’t have the software for that either. But I’ve got the second best thing: This article gives 19 lessons learned from previous studies on heat maps.

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