Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list: ‘Analytics, productivity, and content marketing’ edition

Aaron Hoos: Weekly reading list

It was a short week of reading because I was travelling for part of it. So here’s what read this week…

  • The snapshot is not the game. Have you ever read a blog post and felt that you were looking at only the part of the iceberg that was above the water? That’s what I feel when I read this blog post. In this post, Christopher S. Penn shows a snapshot of a basketball game and asks the reader to predict the outcome of the game. Then Penn gives a detailed analysis of the game itself to show that one photograph doesn’t sum everything up. His point is that making business decisions on small snapshots of analytics is not helpful. Here’s why I like this post: It’s not just true in business. It’s also true in finance and real estate as well. In finance, you can’t just make a decision based on the balance sheet (the snapshot), you have to also use the income statement and the statement of cash flows. In real estate, you can’t just make a decision based on the price of the property (the snapshot), you have to use comparative analysis and economic trends to help you.
  • Put your work in where it makes sense. In this blog post, Chris Brogan gives us one of those “good reminders” that we all should know but easily forget: In short, he says that entrepreneurs tend to focus on different methods and strategies and channels whether or not the work, just because that’s the way they’ve always done it. This is true and I’m totally guilty of this.
  • Consulting firm nets 388% more leads with 4-step strategy . In this article from MarketingSherpa, they give a case study on a consulting firm that changed its approach from sales-driven to content-marketing-driven. What I love about this case study is that it is so detailed, explaining exactly what the campaign was, what types of content it focused on, where it got its content, and more. I don’t advise that copy this campaign exactly (which I think might be a temptation) but rather learn from the detail and thought behind the campaign.

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