#FinishWhatYouStart by learning to love adversity

I’m blogging about how to become better at finishing what you start. One of the lessons I’ve learned lately is that finishing is difficult because adversity increases throughout the project. I blogged yesterday that you need to overcome adversity to finish what you start. And since yesterday’s blog post, I’ve been thinking about how to […]

#FinishWhatYouStart is made easier when you see ongoing accomplishment

I’ve realized that one of the reasons why I struggle with finishing what I start is because I don’t get a sense of accomplishment as the project progresses. Consider a really basic project such as starting up a brand. The starting activities might include: Identify a niche Create a brand Build a blog Monetize Add […]

Overcoming adversity so you can #FinishWhatYouStart

I was listening to a real estate investing podcast last week and the lesson from the episode really stood out to me. In the podcast episode, a brand new real estate investor was just getting started and suddenly he started facing a lot of adversity. It got to the point where he thought he should […]

Passing the baton from start to finish when you want to #FinishWhatYouStart

People love to start things but they fail to finish well. I know because I have the same problem. I start a lot of things and I don’t finish them. But I want that to change so I’ve been blogging lately about finishing what you start — which combines some thinking as well as my […]

Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list: ‘Productivity, empire building, and sales’ edition

I call this a “weekly reading list” but missed last week. Actually, I missed blogging a lot last week. :( Busy times around here. Really focusing on my whole Finish What You Start initiative. But I love to blog and I’ve carved out a few minutes so here’s what I’m reading right now. I don’t […]