Financial advisor article published at Agent eNews: Are you ready for the toughest questions every financial advisor is asked?

I’m co-writing a series of articles for financial professionals, along with my colleague Rosemary Smyth, an international coach to financial advisors. One of our articles was posted at the Agent eNews site. The article the types of questions that financial advisors will most likely face and it provides them with tools to handle those questions […]

The ShamWow business model

There was an article in BusinessInsider recently about the ShamWow guy (Vince Offer) and his “comeback”. The article describes his rise to fame as the guy who pushes the ShamWow product, the Slap Chop, and the Schticky, and then his subsequent fall because of a run-in with an alleged hooker. If you can look past […]

What I’m working on this week (Sept 16 – 20)

How can I be expected to work on ANYTHING today? I’m still reeling from last night’s Breaking Bad episode. Okay, I do need to actually do some work, if only to keep the wolves away. And I was getting ready to write this post, I saw that I wrote last week’s ‘What I’m working on […]

Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list: ‘Fundamental analysis, monetary policy, and medical ethics’ edition

Here’s what I’m reading this week. The limit of fundamental analysis: You. I love investing and I particularly love fundamental analysis. There’s something really fun (perversely so, I realize) about doing your own due diligence on a stock. So the title of this article caught my attention. In the article, Jordan Terry talks about the […]