Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list: ‘Blackberry, Twitter, and ShamWow’ edition

Aaron Hoos: Weekly reading list

There seemed to be way more to read this week than other weeks. Funny how that works. Here are some of the things I’ve been reading:.

  • Blackberry waves the white flag. How can you not read about Blackberry this week? haha. This article from Salon (and this article from Forbes) nicely sums up the fall. And that’s pretty much what Blackberry is going to be known for unless it can pull some kind of magical rabbit out of a magical hat. Which isn’t going to happen. The company is now just desperately looking for some kind of exit, in my opinion, and it will struggle for a while until it can find an exit. But what exits are possible? No one is holding their breath.
  • What’s next for Twitter besides the Twitter IPO?. This is a very compelling article that describes how Twitter is evolving and where it may be headed. The article’s writer, Christopher S. Penn, does a good job of discussing how Twitter will change and what it means for marketing departments. Buried deep within his article is a reference to Twitter TV which I wonder if it could be the Next Big Thing for Twitter. I might blog more about this topic in the future.
  • Will Emmy winners be thanking Twitter?. While we’re on the subject of Twitter, here’s another article I read about how some shows have a huge Twitter following and the possible influence that might have on Emmy awards. There isn’t a direct connection but Twitter is a powerful way to build momentum for a show (can anyway say Sharknado?), interact with audiences, and get the pulse of viewers. This is one of those articles that, after reading, made me sit back and contemplate the impact that Twitter could have on marketers who really rock it out on Twitter.
  • ShamWow guy stages a comeback. I don’t know why I’m so fascinated with the ShamWow guy but I am. I think I’m fascinated by pitchmen (pitchpeople?) in general but the ShamWow guy’s attitude and style win me out over some of those other pitchmen’s shout-at-the-camera methods. I read this article earlier this week and, in fact, it inspired its own blog post — The ShamWow business model. And way back in 2010 I wrote 10 products that the ShamWow guy should sell in 2010.

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