What I’m working on this week (Aug 26 – 30)

Well last week was interesting. I had a bunch of deadlines on Monday and I didn’t get them all finished. So I got up early on Tuesday to work on them and I my computer wouldn’t turn on. The little “on” light worked for a second and then there was a click and the I could hear the fan power down.

I called a tech service and the earliest they could book me in was August 27th!!! So I worked the phones like a cold-calling specialist until I found someone who could actually follow through on what their ad promised: “Same Day Service”. But he delivered the bad news: My computer could not be repaired. So I ran out to Best Buy, bought another one, and was up and running by Tuesday evening.

In the big scheme of things, it wasn’t too big of a disaster because nearly all of my files were backed up. However, not ALL of my files were backed up. I back up all of my finished work but I had a couple of files that I was writing on Sunday and Monday, and those hadn’t been backed up yet. So I had to rewrite one of those documents on Wednesday and another on Friday (I was out of the office on Thursday). Overall, not a big loss but a few days of unexpected busyness.

I’m almost caught up to the work I intended to have done Monday. Most of those were finished last week and the rest should be done by this evening but things have been progressing a little more slowly than usual because, along with rewriting those couple of lost files last week, I also had to re-download software, get reminded of passwords that were stored in my old computer’s browser, etc.

Oh, and I was stung by a wasp. Obviously not the end of the world, haha, but my foot is still swollen.

Moving forward. What do I have cooking this week? Lots of fun stuff: Mostly copywriting for the real estate industry, plus my 100 proposals goal took a bit of a beating last week, plus I have an ad being published in a magazine in early September and I need to make sure all my systems and processes are set up to be ready for that.

Have a great week!

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