Creating demand for your product (video by Jeffrey Gitomer)

I love this video by sales expert Jeffrey Gitomer. It inspires me to rethink how I market and sell in my business and in my clients’ businesses.

In this video, Gitomer references National Cash Register founder John Patterson and talks about what he did to create demand for his product. Check out the short video by Jeffrey Gitomer…

That’s a great B2B example but what about B2C? Well, a B2C example is when cereal manufacturers advertise children’s cereal to children. Obviously the children aren’t going to go out and buy Lucky Charms (or whatever) but they will bug their parents to do it. Different market, similar idea, same outcome.

Here is a framework for creating demand for your product or service in the same way that Patterson created demand for his product:

First, make sure you know who your customers are! Use this list of 55 questions to answer about your customer to help you.

Second, identify your customers’ customers (in the case of B2B sales) or your customers’ influencers (in the case of B2C sales). It might help to use the same 55 questions to answer about your customer but use it for these folks.

Third, identify a point of differentiation that you offer that your customers cannot currently offer to their customers. (In the case of B2B, it was a receipt. In the case of B2C, it is the marshmallowy goodness of red hearts, green clovers, blue diamonds and purple horseshoes delivered into a bowl by a leprechaun).

Fourth, find a way to connect with that second tier of people (your customers’ customers or your customers’ influencers) and motivate them to demand the point of differentiation you offer. John Patterson advertised to remind shoppers to ask for a receipt. He didn’t need to sell anything in this advertisement, he was just offering a valuable service.

Fifth… now wait. Wait for your communication to take effect. Wait for the shoppers to start demanding receipts and the children to start demanding Lucky Charms.

Sixth, connect with your actual customer and offer your product or service. Your selling effort is minimized because your customer has already heard from their customers that they desperately want what you have to sell.


You’ve heard Gitomer introduce the concept, you’ve read my little 6-step framework to help guide you. Now what can you do in your business to create demand?

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