The magic of adding “1-2-3” to your marketing

Have you ever walked into a fast food place and been overwhelmed by the sheer number of options? This problem happens elsewhere, too: Ever walk onto a car dealership and scratch your head in wonder at how you’ll ever find a vehicle to test drive? Ever walk into a grocery store and wonder where to […]

What I’m working on this week (July 15 – 19)

This is my first full 5-day work week in… 4 weeks? Maybe 5? That’s what the summer is all about: A little extra chaos to make things interesting. Here are a few things I’m hammering away on this week: Still pushing on my 100 Proposals In 100 Days personal challenge. Haven’t missed a day yet […]

Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list: ‘SharkNado, sales, and motivation’ edition

I just realized that I missed last week’s “weekly reading list”. We had company over and their vehicle was broken into while we were sight-seeing, so that became our focus for the day: Unpacking their car, finding a repair place, keeping the kids out from underfoot while we solved those problems. I’m back with more […]

Financial advisor article published at Agent eNews: Take charge of your prospecting and revitalize your sales funnel

I’m co-writing a series of articles for financial professionals, along with my colleague Rosemary Smyth, an international coach to financial advisors. One of our articles was posted at the Agent eNews blog. The article outlines how financial professionals can use the sales funnel to improve their prospecting. Check out the article at the link below: […]