100 proposals in 100 days — Update

For the past 3 weeks, I’ve been rocking out a new challenge — 100 proposals in 100 days.

As the name suggests, I’ve been writing a proposal every single day and sending them out to prospective clients, joint venture partners, or magazines.

I just finished day 21 yesterday, which you can see from my blurry, hand-drawn tracking chart…


It was so satisfying to finish the first row (#1-#20 — one fifth of the challenge!) and it’s just as satisfying to be celebrating 3 weeks of successful completion. (You can see my other updates: Update #1 and Update #2, if you’re curious). I’ve written one proposal every single day for the past 21 days. (Today is the 22nd day and I haven’t written today’s yet).

So how have I been doing? Here’s a quick breakdown:

Of the 21 proposals…
11 proposals are for client work to new clients
2 proposals are for client work to existing clients
4 proposals are to magazines
4 proposals are to joint venture partners

As I mentioned in a previous update, I tend to write really good proposals to clients (new and existing) for ongoing work, and I tend to struggle with writing magazine proposals, because they are less familiar to me and because the turnaround time on hearing back from magazine editors is so much longer than it is for clients.

And how have the results from my proposals been?

4 have asked me to start the work
5 have expressed an interest, asked for more info, or we’re in discussion/negotiation
12 haven’t replied (yet!!!)
0 have turned me down

I’m pretty happy with those results. In the past 21 days, I’ve started on 4 projects — that’s great! I’m not too concerned about the 12 that haven’t replied. Since 4 of them are magazines, it wouldn’t be unusual for them to reply a month or two later. Even if I move one or two more from “discussion” into “start” and 1 or two from “haven’t replied” to “discussion”, that will be great progress. And no one has flat-out told me no, either, which is kind of nice.

I’m planting seeds and loving this challenge. And with the exception of one day that I almost forgot (and just snuck the proposal in under the wire at 11:58!) I wake up excited each day to write a proposal to a new prospect… and that is exactly the mindset I wanted to get back into after being out of it for so long.

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