Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list: ‘SharkNado, sales, and motivation’ edition

Aaron Hoos: Weekly reading list

I just realized that I missed last week’s “weekly reading list”. We had company over and their vehicle was broken into while we were sight-seeing, so that became our focus for the day: Unpacking their car, finding a repair place, keeping the kids out from underfoot while we solved those problems.

I’m back with more reading.

Here’s what I read this week:

  • Inventing SharkNado: Inside Syfy’s booming B-movie factory. On Thursday, I was totally focused on wrapping up a project and I worked late through the evening without checking Twitter. On Friday, I learned that I had missed the Entertainment Event of the Decade. (Just kidding). SharkNado aired on Syfy and although don’t get the channel (and have no desire to!) I also missed the flurry of Twitter activity about it until Friday. It was interesting. I was also fascinated to read this article in BusinessWeek, which talks about the Syfy Channel and their movie generating “factory”. The movies fill a niche and the system is really working for them.
  • The science of positive thinking. In this blog post at Huffington Post, writer James Clear describes what goes on in your mind when you think negative thoughts and when you think positive thoughts, and he shows how research has revealed that positive thinkers see greater possibilities in life. Maybe it’s time to start seeing the glass as half full… and maybe you’ll start seeing other opportunities as well!
  • The two most powerful words in content marketing. The Sales Lion is a blog started by a pool salesperson, so we get to see a lot of his sales-skill-thinking and how it has worked in the somewhat mundane world of pool sales. In this article, he writes about two words that have helped him make over $2 million in pool sales. The words are “it depends”. No, I’m not joking. And to be honest, I was not sure I agreed with him when he first revealed what the words were. but I definitely see his point and think that there are opportunities for entrepreneurs to create “it depends” content. Will be thinking about this a lot more!
  • How to live an unstoppable life. Dan Waldschmidt is a writer I really admire. In this blog post he writes about the inner fire that all marketers and entrepreneurs must have in order to push ahead. I found it to be a very inspiring post!

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