Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list: ‘Start-up ideas and names’ edition

Aaron Hoos: Weekly reading list

Mixed bag of topics this week! I hope you enjoy it.

  • 5 start-up naming rules. Recently I was pitching a project to a couple of potential collaborators. My naming conventions are usually: “Call it what it is and maybe mix in a benefit” (that’s why my brands tend to have names like Real Estate Investing Copywriter and Sin Stocks Report — there’s no mistaking what they are). But my collaborative partner didn’t like the name because it wasn’t “clever” enough. She’s a great partner so I mean no disrespect to here but it did highlight how naming conventions really differ between people. So this article does a good job of listing several parameters to help a business owner create a name for their brand or business.
  • 10 unique mobile businesses. Business ideas are my Kryptonite. I could sit here all day long and dream them up. These people are doing some really cool and creative things in the mobile business space. (No, I don’t mean mobile apps. I mean literally mobile businesses — businesses on wheels). Check it out!
  • Over $1 million in sales for 15 year old entrepreneur. I love to hear these stories; I’m always encouraged by kids who get out there and do something really exciting in business. (I had a couple of small businesses when I was a kid, too, but nothing like this, of course).

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