What I’m work on this week (May 27 – 31)

I hope everyone is have having a nice long weekend, and taking time out for some thoughtful reflection and remembrance of our military heroes. Yes, I live in Canada and today is technically a “workday” for me (our “Memorial Day” and “Veterans Day” are lumped into one on November 11th) but I will still take time today to value the sacrifice of military heroes — both Canadian and American — who have fought for my freedom.

So it’s a work day for me. And here’s what I’m working on today, and for the rest of the week:

  • I’ve got some articles to write up based on the Metals and Minerals Investment Conference that was held in New York on May 13 and 14. I write these reports for my client, MetalsNews.com. They are a real highlight for me because I get amazing access to some of the industry’s top thinkers and writers — I hear their wisdom and turn it into useful content for MetalsNews readers.
  • A book I wrote for a real estate investing client was just published on Amazon on the weekend and it hit the best-seller status. There is a bit of follow-up on that project (just some wrapping-up; making sure my client and his assistants have the final version of the document, etc.). And we’re moving on to our next project starting this week! That’s right… zero downtime. Love it!!!
  • I’ve got a bunch of articles to write for a credit expert, which get distributed around various places on the web.
  • The bulk of my own book has finally be completed this weekend. Now I’m in the detailed editing phase — reviewing multiple times for spelling, grammar, and basically to make sure that I make sense!
  • I’ve got another project coming out later this week. Really excited about… watch for it!

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