My business model: How I run multiple brands without going insane

I’m sometimes asked questions like “how many websites do you own?” or “how do you monetize your websites?” so I’m writing this blog post to talk about that a bit.

I don’t see myself as a website owner or someone who exclusively uses one type of monetization. Here’s how I really view my business model:

I own my very own personal venture capital firm in which I use my own money to invest in assets (like businesses and real estate) in niches and industries I can add value in. Sometimes I start a business up, sometimes I buy a business (or a part of a business, as in the case of a stock market equity). I add value as much as I can (usually through content creation or topical expertise); and if I can’t add value directly (as in the case of equities), I make sure I know enough about the business to trust that someone else is adding value.

These assets are monetized in different ways: Some are brands built into one or more websites that get advertisements put on them; others are monetized with services that I deliver (or I co-deliver with someone else); others with ebooks; others with affiliate offers; etc. As much as possible, I try to monetize each asset in multiple ways. Real estate is usually monetized with rental (and the bonus of appreciation when I sell). Equities I buy tend to be appreciation only (I like dividend-paying equities but I also love to speculate in junior resource stocks).

This mindset is freeing. It means I can work in a variety of industries that interest me, and I can build the kind of business where I see a profitable opportunity. I’m not tied to a specific kind of brand, niche, or monetization model. It also means that I have a big picture in mind: Some brands make a lot of money and others make a little bit but I can evaluate them on their own merits and grow my overall “empire” in the way that I want to.

If you run more than one brand, maybe this kind of “personal venture capital firm” mindset will work for you to help give you the right perspective?

Published by Aaron Hoos

Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. He is the author of The Sales Funnel Bible and other books.

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