Small business strategy question: If you had to get rid of 90 percent of your customers, which 10 percent would you keep?

Entrepreneurs use my 100 Small Business Strategy Questions as a way to regularly review their businesses and identify opportunities to grow. From this list of 100 questions, I occasionally take a question and blog about it in greater detail. The Small Business Strategy Question I’m looking at today is: If you had to get rid […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Home price growth rates by state

Real estate investors invest for two types of return: Income and Appreciation. Income is generated from rental. Appreciation is generated from buying low and selling high. The good folks at and created an infographic about how home prices have appreciated or depreciated by state, year over year and in the past 3, 5, […]

What I’m working on this week (Apr. 22 – 26)

Last week was a mix of good and bad. I pulled a muscle in my back during a workout and that makes life uncomfortable. I’m doing a bit better now (I can sit longer periods of time, which is helpful as a writer) but I’m not back to full functionality yet. And, of course that […]

Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list: ‘Brands and reputation management’ edition

After this week’s tragedy at the Boston Marathon, I saw a huge outpouring of support online at the various networks I spend my time. On Facebook, there were numerous “We support Boston” and “We pray for Boston” type posts that echoed what I felt. Crises help to define us as people. We see countless people […]