What I’m working on this week (Apr. 15 – 19)

I love doing these “What I’m working on this week” blog posts but I had put them on hold while I was publishing the Sales Funnel Bible book chapter-by-chapter throughout March and early April. But now that’s done, I can go back to writing these posts.

Got some great stuff cooking this week! Here are some highlights:

  • Hammering through some of the tasks that are still outstanding to wrap up my Sales Funnel Bible book.
  • Writing a book for a mortgage broker client. The outline is done so now I’m starting to generate some first-draft content for that.
  • Writing two newsletter articles and guest blog posts for financial advisors (which is part of an ongoing joint venture I’m doing with a friend who is a coach to financial advisors).
  • Writing a report for Real Estate Investing Copywriter — a new venture I’m working on.
  • I’ve also got a bit of client work to do (some web copy) and one client has a whole pile of stuff that I wrote previously, which he is reviewing and will be sending back shortly… probably this week. This project on its own will make this week a very full week!

Of course there is lots of other stuff on the front and back burners too. And there’s something else I need to mention — the weather. We’ve had an almost-record-breaking amount of snow that has stayed on the ground unseasonably longer than usual. And right now it’s melting at a good pace with no problems. But if the temperature spikes then we could have a flooding issue on our hands so I’m paying attention to that and may drop everything to deal with it. (But so far, so good).

Hope you’re staying busy!

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Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. He is the author of The Sales Funnel Bible and other books.

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