How financial advisors can plan for success

Starting and running a financial advisory practice is a lot of work. (I know. I’ve done it!).

There are a million different strategies and tactics — some dictated by your industry, some dictated by your firm, and the rest dangle before your eyes like a shiny promise.

So how do you grow your business? How do you sort through the options? How do you make sense of it all? How do you stay sane when times are busy? How do you stay sane when times are slow? What are the things you should do when you’re first starting out? What are the things you should do after you’ve been running your practice for a few years?

Those are huge questions — and advisors need to work through them if they are going to survive in this high-turnover business.

To help answer those questions and provide financial professionals with some guidance, I’ve teamed up with Rosemary Smyth, a business coach who specializes in helping financial advisors.

She and I wrote the article Tomorrow’s Success Starts With Today’s Planning: A Step-By-Step Guide to help financial advisors plan more effectively and succeed more quickly.

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