10 reasons for business blogging that have nothing to do with earning revenue

In the world of business blogging, one of the main purposes of blogging is to earn revenue — either by blogging “traffic bait” that brings tons of traffic to your site so they’ll click on the advertisements, or by blogging content that converts your target market into buyers of your product or service. Those are […]

What I’m working on this week (Feb. 11 – 15)

Happy Monday! What a great week ahead: I’m rocking out a few different things for people, and for my own biz, plus, I’m taking Valentines Day off to hang out with my wife. Here are a couple of highlights for you: Wrapping up an ebook that is almost complete. I’m just reading through it one […]

Marketing is an investment. What’s your marketing’s ROI?

Marketing is an investment of time, effort, and money. Entrepreneurs invest these valuable assets in the hopes of getting a return (i.e. a response by prospects that leads to more business). All of your business’ marketing is an investment, which means you need to decide whether or not a marketing effort is worth it based […]

One step all sellers need to take before discussing pain points with prospects

In this post, as in most of my posts, I’m using the term “sellers” somewhat generically. When I say “seller” I mean anyone who markets or sells — whether you own an online business or an offline one, whether you’re a copywriter or a door-to-door fundraiser. One of the basics of “selling 101” is the […]