Productivity hack: The weekend list

I’m blogging this week about a small handful of productivity hacks that have proven to be extremely useful in my business and life. PRODUCTIVITY HACK: THE WEEKEND LIST As someone who runs a business from home, it’s extremely easy to get tempted into working 24/7. Early in my business, it was a necessity. And even […]

Productivity hack: Finishing the most procrastinated tasks

This week I’m blogging about a bunch of productivity hacks that I’ve found helpful. And with this hack, I feel like it’s almost more of a confession than a hack (and I almost didn’t post it because I *know* that you are going to read it and laugh at me). PRODUCTIVITY HACK: OVERCOMING PROCRASTINATION I’m […]

Productivity hack: Counting tasks

This week I’m writing about a few productivity hacks that I’ve found to be helpful. They aren’t profound, life-changing productivity systems (like Stephen Covey’s First Things First or David Allen’s Getting Things Done, which have both had a significant impact on my life). These are just small, get-the-job-done-faster-or-better hacks that I’ve found to be useful. […]