Jia Jiang’s Rejection Therapy — What he should do next

I’ve been writing about the concept of falling in love with “no” — which is a skill that entrepreneurs and business owners should work to possess so that they become immune to rejection and can push forward to grow their business.

And in a previous blog post I mentioned someone named Jia Jiang, a business owner who is currently undertaking a self-imposed “Rejection Therapy” in which he is trying to desensitize himself to rejection (I blogged about him recently in a fall in love with “no” blog post).

You can read that previous post basically Jiang is trying to do things (sometimes unusual things) with the purpose of being rejected and desensitizing himself to it. You can see how he is doing on his blog.

Jiang is on to something, as I suggested in my previous post. He’s cleverly developed a way to have fun while building up his tolerance for “no”.

Along the way, Jiang has gained some well-deserved attention, including a mention in BusinessWeek and even a song from Jeff Probst.

So what should he do after this? He’s gaining enough attention that he shouldn’t just drop this and go back to whatever he was doing before. This is an opportunity… so how can he leverage his Rejection Therapy into something more?

Here are some ideas…

  • He should consider building some kind of group around the idea… kind of like Fight Club but without the crazy split-personality leader.
  • He definitely needs to write a book. This might mean extending his Rejection Therapy to a full year and documenting the whole thing.
  • I think there could potentially be some coaching or consulting opportunities after this is over, if he is able to strengthen his “new” personal brand as a guy who pushes his own personal limits.

Jiang also serves as inspiration for all of the entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and would love some viral media attention. Jiang’s efforts cost him nothing (except for a bit of ego, I guess) yet he is gaining some good traction with his effort. Jiang identified a key aspect of his life where he needed to improve and he created a fun, memorable, shareable idea to make it happen. Likewise, entrepreneurs could identify an area in their businesses that need to be fixed and adopt the same personal challenge. Even if you don’t get the same media attention, the effort will still result in a stronger business!

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