“Open the kimono” should be struck from your vocabulary

I HATE THE PHRASE “OPEN THE KIMONO” … And that’s all I really wanted to write in this post but I feel like I should say something more than just 7 words. It’s the worst and it should be struck from your vocabulary. WHY IT’S THE VERY WORST PHRASE The meaning is pretty obvious: It’s […]

How to deploy SEO in your sales funnel

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time — more than a year. I took a couple of different approaches, wasn’t happy with them, and decided to sit on it and wait. Meanwhile, Google’s algorithm changed (a couple of times?) and the web went haywire so I decided to keep waiting. But […]

Celebrity brands: Building a brand without a product or service

When we think of a brand, we often think of a corporate brand like Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple, Starbucks, etc. Each of these brands evoke a certain emotion; each of these brands make a statement about the user. But brands aren’t only specific to a product. People have brands, too. I recently wrote about how Jimmy […]

Lessons from Buffett about success. (Not Warren Buffett… Jimmy Buffett).

I’m a Jimmy Buffett fan. The dude is a showman. He’s a brand. He knows what his message is and he is relentless about sharing it. He offers a glimpse into a life that many of us wish we could live 24/7. I’ve seen him a few times in concert and he always delivered. (Here’s […]

The most important advice about starting and growing a profitable business

When I was a kid, I desperately wanted to start a business. I thought a lot about what I wanted to do and what I would call my business but one thing I struggled with was to figure out what exactly to sell. It wasn’t until much later that I was told the one truth […]