Copywriting as storytelling: A reinterpretation of a TED video

One of the biggest challenges in copywriting is capturing the attention of your prospective buyer. And once you have that attention, the next biggest challenge in copywriting is keeping that attention. (Hint: After keeping their attention, the last biggest challenge in copywriting is getting them to act!) How do you do those things? In the […]

What I’m working on this week (Jan. 14 – 18)

Last week was busy but a struggle to work because of a lingering cold that knocked me down for most of the week. But I’m feeling great this week and eager to get back to a normal routine of productivity again! Here are a few things I’m working on this week: Putting together a blog […]

10 topics that a financial advisor can tweet about

Financial advisors have a unique challenge on social media, and on Twitter specifically. While other entrepreneurs can tweet just about anything they want (with impunity!), financial advisors are highly regulated and therefore need to watch very closely what they tweet. There aren’t enough characters in a tweet to include a full disclaimer, plus every advisor […]