What I’m working on this week (Jan. 21 – 25)

Happy Monday! It’s a great start to a great week. What’s great about it? I’m feeling better than I have for weeks. I’m *almost* caught up on all of the work that fell behind while I was sick. (Should be fully caught up by the end of the day today). I’ve hit a bunch of […]

A misguided trend in blogging

I’ve been hearing a somewhat alarming and frustrating trend in blogging lately that I think is misguided. Recently I read about a blogger who observed that Friday was the day in which his blog had the lowest traffic so he decided that he was going to blog about a different (off-brand) topic on Fridays. He […]

Business model: Consultant

I love business models. They act as a type of “structure” around which you can create a functioning, profitable business. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel — you just need to find a business model that works for you and “plug in” your USP and your offering. THE CONSULTANT BUSINESS MODEL This is one […]