7 reasons why you should stop complaining

We’ve had brutally cold weather here lately. Basically the temperature has been hovering around -40 with the windchill (and for those who don’t know, -40 Celsius is also -40 Fahrenheit… so “cold” is better described as “dangerously cold”). As a result, I hear A LOT of people complaining about the temperature. To be fair, -40 […]

Improve your copywriting with Oren Klaff’s ‘Pitch Anything’

I’m in the middle of reading the book Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff. It’s a great book! Klaff has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in venture cap money during his career. Not surprisingly, he has honed his presentation skills into a science and in this book, he shares that science with his readers. As […]

The top action to take right now to get more customers immediately

Do you want more customers? Every business does. Here’s the very best thing you can do right now to start getting more customers immediately: Narrow your target market. That’s it. It seems simplistic and even counter-intuitive. After all, why would you narrow your available customer-base if you want to get more customers? Here’s the answer: […]

Itch marketing: How to get more people to buy from you

Have you ever had an itch you can’t scratch? It’s awful. When I was a kid, I would get a bad sunburn every summer and my skin would feel like bugs were crawling all over it for days on end — it was brutal because there was nothing I could do to alleviate it. My […]

9 surprising lessons from running email marketing campaigns

I’ve run several email marketing campaigns for my own brands and for my clients. I’ve run them for entrepreneurs, consumers, equity investors, and real estate investors. I’ve run free and paid campaigns, educational/positioning campaigns and affiliate/ad-funded campaigns. I’ve run regular broadcast and autoresponder campaigns. From those campaigns I’ve learned several lessons — like the importance […]