Financial reports would be more interesting if the cover looked like this

mastermindI used to own the well-known game Mastermind in this very famous box…

… and was recently thinking about the game again.

After a quick google search to see if I could find a copy of the box, I found this very entertaining article about the original box design (and a recently updated photo). Definitely worth a read!!!

While talking about the game and the original box design with some friends who also recognized it, I remarked that financial reports would be more interesting if they were published with this picture on the cover.

Suddenly, you no longer feel like you are reading a financial report for some mundane, generic, “average” company but rather you are the part of an evil plot and those two are looking to you to crunch the numbers to see if you can fund their giant orbiting laser beam. Who wouldn’t want to read financial reports like that!

(What’s the depreciation on a billion dollar satellite designed to blow up the earth? And should you use straight-line depreciation or the reducing balance method?)

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