A misguided trend in blogging

I’ve been hearing a somewhat alarming and frustrating trend in blogging lately that I think is misguided.

Recently I read about a blogger who observed that Friday was the day in which his blog had the lowest traffic so he decided that he was going to blog about a different (off-brand) topic on Fridays. He seemed to suggest that he wanted to blog about an off-brand topic and chose Friday because that was the lowest traffic days on his site.

There are two things going on here and I’m okay with one but not with the other:

  • On the one hand, I’m all for writing about off-brand things (I wrote a beer festival review even though my site has very little to do with beer or festivals or reviews! And I wrote about the Mastermind game and financial reports even though my readers won’t follow the “advice” I gave there). I think it pulls back the curtain a little and reveals something more to you readers. A little taste of who you are.
  • On the other hand, using traffic quantity as a factor in deciding when to write your off-brand post is what I think is puzzling.

Your blog’s posts, once created, continue to exist long after their posts. Many bloggers (especially established ones who have been blogging forever) will tell you that most traffic comes from long-tail searches. So the blog post you create now will get a hit of traffic on the day it posts and then an ongoing (and cumulatively larger) flow of traffic over the months and years that you blog.

So choosing to write a post now, in which the topic is based on how much traffic shows up, provides a false benefit: Yes, fewer people will see it today but after today, the number of views will not be tied to the day you posted it on.

There are other reasons you might want to post something on one day and not on another day. That’s perfectly valid. But the number of people who see the post on the first day it posts shouldn’t be an issue.

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