What I’m working on this week (Jan 7 – 11)

It’s Monday, which means that it’s time for another What I’m Working On This Week post.

I have been SO SICK the past 2 months. Sicker than I have been in a long time. It started with a brutal week-and-a-half cold when I got back from my vacation, Then another cold on its heels. And now a third cold. Looking forward to returning to normal… (soon, I hope). I had been hitting my daily goals every day last week until Friday when I got up for a few hours, fumbled around at my computer for a bit, then went back to bed. Ended up staying in bed for most of Saturday and all of Sunday. I think I’m on the mend so we’ll see how today progresses.

So what am I working on this week? Lots of stuff as usual! Here are some highlights…

  • Writing an article series about credit for a credit expert
  • Getting back into a good, regular blogging habit for a real estate investing client
  • Pushing forward on my sales funnel book
  • Putting together some notes on a joint venture with a friend who is a coach to financial advisors
  • Putting together some initial content for a self-directed IRA website
  • Developing the business plan for two businesses — one in the real estate investing niche and one in the lending niche
  • Brainstorming a book for a mortgage lender

There’s more (there’s ALWAYS more!) but that’s a good cross-section of what’s on my plate this week.

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