10 ecourses an insurance broker should write

Selling insurance is hard! People don’t think they need it (until it’s too late). You know the value of insurance but it’s hard to talk about the worst case scenario all the time! One way to help is to use ecourses to establish your credibility and build a relationship with prospective clients. You might not […]

10 ecourses a lending or leasing professional should write

Business spend a lot of time marketing to prospects… and only sometimes do those prospects buy. This is just as true for lending professionals and leasing professionals as it is for any other business. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could attract people at little or no cost, market to them with little or no […]

10 ecourses a private equity professional or venture capitalist should write

While other professions have to struggle to get new customers, private equity professionals and venture capitalists have a different problem: They have to cull the list of opportunities to find the best ones to pursue. So these PE/VC firms should deliver ecourses but their ecourses don’t have to (necessarily) establish credibility in the same way […]

10 ecourses an accountant or bookkeeper should write

Accountants and bookkeepers can be a highly commoditized profession — one where prospective customers have a difficult time telling one from another. One way to differentiate your accountancy practice or bookkeeping service is to offer an ecourse that will help to establish your credibility in your field and set you apart from the others. Here […]