10 ecourses a property manager should write

Property managers work with many different groups — owners, landlords, tenants, contractors — and they need to build and maintain relationships with each group. Ecourses are a way that they can add new people to their list of prospective clients or prospective vendors or prospective tenants. Here are 10 ecourses that property managers should write… […]

10 ecourses a real estate agent should write

Real estate professionals struggle with differentiation. They face a lot of competition with other agents but prospects have a hard time telling one agent from another. If you are a real estate professional, an ecourse is one way that you can set yourself apart… while building a list of people who may eventually need your […]

10 ecourses a collections agent should write

A great way to build your business is to offer a free ecourse that prospective clients can subscribe to. Debt collectors and accounts receiveable professionals can use the same idea for their business. This profession has an added bonus — they can provide ecourses to their customers (businesses) and to the people they are collecting […]

What I’m working on this week (Dec. 10 – 14)

Last week was CRAZY. The technical writing course I taught went pretty well. There were a few glitches but nothing I couldn’t handle. But it wiped me out! I got home and slept 14 hours. Then I basically ran on autopilot on Friday and Saturday as I prepared for another commitment on Sunday. Crashed again. […]

10 ecourses a financial advisor or investment professional should write

In the highly competitive world of financial advising, it can be hard for investment professionals to set themselves apart. Plus it feels like there is a lot of cold calling to do! One way to help ease the effort, and to keep your foot in the door of fickle prospects, is to use ecourses to […]