The one time that you SHOULD make your prospects feel stupid

I remember one time trying to sell insurance to a prospective client and I fell into the terrible industry insider habit of using an acronym instead of the actual name of the insurance product. That client called me out on it (rather harshly, but for good reason) and reminded me that I was the expert […]

The Scales of Purchase: The secret decision-making process that all potential buyers go through

Imagine a scenario where you are interacting with a potential buyer. It doesn’t matter if you sell face-to-face and you walk them through your showroom or if you sell over the phone or online or you are a real estate professional or financial advisor who sells your services in the comfort of their living room. […]

25 ways that real estate professionals can position themselves as local experts

One of the ways that real estate professionals market their services is by positioning themselves as “local experts” — someone who knows the city/neighborhood/community extremely well. I’ve always been torn about the value of this marketing technique. (In fact, I listed it as one of 5 marketing tactics that real estate professionals use that can […]

10 ecourses a mortgage broker should write

Mortgage brokers work are always looking for people who might need a mortgage. But in my experience, people just don’t always realize the value that mortgage brokers provide. Ecourses are a way for mortgage brokers to capture more leads while also explaining their value to potential clients. Here are 10 ecourses that a mortgage broker […]