What I’m working on this week (Dec. 10 – 14)

Last week was CRAZY. The technical writing course I taught went pretty well. There were a few glitches but nothing I couldn’t handle. But it wiped me out! I got home and slept 14 hours. Then I basically ran on autopilot on Friday and Saturday as I prepared for another commitment on Sunday. Crashed again.

I’m back now. Feel rested and refreshed and ready to tackle all the stuff on my to-do list this week!

A lot of what I’m doing is wrapping up for this year. For most of my clients, the last week of December is usually time off from work, which means that there are only 2 working weeks left in the year. Therefore, I need to make the most of those and focus on many half-started projects that I’d love to wrap up instead of carrying them over into 2013.

They include…

  • A couple of ebooks about specific types of real estate investing.
  • An ebook about IRAs
  • An ecourse for a credit repair expert
  • Blog posts for a real estate investor
  • A newspaper article for a mortgage broker
  • Finish a couple of sales letters for an investment mastermind group

And, of course, this is the time of year when we are all in full-on planning and preliminary execution mode for 2013. That means…

  • There are some behind-the-scenes structural changes to be made as I reconfigure part of my business (specifically I own a couple of business entities that several of my brands operate under and I’m consolidating them — no big deal).
  • Implementing a couple of new parts of my business: I’m experimenting with some new marketing avenues and evaluating some existing marketing avenues to determine whether I want to continue with them or not.
  • Further study: I’m always studying and honing my skills and I’ve just invested in some advanced, highly-structured writing-related learning.
  • I should have my book done early next year so now I need to look at what happens next and get those pieces moving.

… There’s more, of course, but I don’t want to bore you with it. The short story is: I love this time of year! The pressure is on to finish well and I’m thinking and implementing stuff for next year.

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Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. He is the author of The Sales Funnel Bible and other books.

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