10 ecourses a lending or leasing professional should write

Business spend a lot of time marketing to prospects… and only sometimes do those prospects buy. This is just as true for lending professionals and leasing professionals as it is for any other business. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could attract people at little or no cost, market to them with little or no effort, and close more of them? Believe it or not, there is a way: Ecourses — courses delivered through email — do just that. They help you to easily build a relationship with your prospects and establish enough credibility that those prospects are more likely to buy from you.

If you are a lending professional or a leasing professional, here are 10 ecourses you should write:

  1. How to improve your credit score to qualify for a loan
  2. How to save money when leasing equipment
  3. How to navigate a loan agreement like a pro
  4. How to negotiate for a lower rate (You might not want to give this ecourse but your audience will love it!)
  5. Why businesses might be better off leasing equipment than buying it
  6. How to borrow money like the millionaires do
  7. Is now a good time to borrow money?
  8. Leasing versus financing: Which one is better?
  9. 6 mistakes people make when they lease a car
  10. Top tips for borrowing more money at a lower interest rate

Published by Aaron Hoos

Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. He is the author of The Sales Funnel Bible and other books.

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