The price-band: How to understand what customers think about when they buy

Most businesses price their products or services backwards: They decide on a price almost arbitrarily and then slap a real or proverbial price tag on their offering and move on. As long as there is some profit built into their price, they feel like they can now move forward with their marketing. But when businesses […]

Here’s why Facebook’s biggest threat to its existence is its own users

A few years ago, a couple of friends had to convince me to join Facebook. There were three people in particular that worked hard at convincing me. Although I like to embrace new and useful sites, I was reluctant at the time because I didn’t see a lot of my own peers on there. Facebook […]

7 ways I use Twitter (and 1 way I don’t)

People ask me all the time why I’m on Twitter. “What’s the purpose of Twitter?” they want to know. Naysayers wonder why I’m on Twitter. Skeptics can’t figure it out. And sometimes clients ask me to help them get new clients from Twitter. There’s a lot of confusion around Twitter and there are many ways […]

How to handle ongoing projects in GTD

I’ve been using David Allen’s GTD system for a few years now and I’ve been very happy, less stressed, and extremely productive. (I use Evernote to manage my projects, project support files, and for incubation, and keep my Next Actions list on my mobile) But one area I’ve struggled with has been how I handle […]