Small business strategy question: Who are your indirect competitors?

Businesses face stiff competition and entrepreneurs must bring to bear all of the tools and strategies and resources they possibly can in order to compete. One activity worth spending time on is to go through my list of 100 small business strategy questions to analyze what your business is like, where the opportunities are, and […]

The four questions every entrepreneur should ask before embarking on a new joint venture

I love joint ventures. They are a great way to combine the strengths and resources of two or more entrepreneurs to create a business or project that is meaningful and profitable and satisfying. (Want to read more about joint ventures? Check out what I look for in a joint venture and be sure to check […]

The irony of the conservative investor

In an episode of West Wing (still one of my favorite shows!), two characters are talking about PBS television and one of them says that more people claim to watch PBS than actually do watch PBS. The reason is: People like to think of themselves as being PBS watchers even if they aren’t. Likewise, many […]

This easy 9-step business plan still works amazingly well

As new entrepreneurs start up, one of their first and most important questions is: “What should I sell and should I sell it?” Here’s a business model that continues to work. I’ve worked with many dozens of entrepreneurs who use this model; I have enjoyed using this model myself; my wife is building a business […]

What I’m working on this week (Nov. 19 – 23)

So we were on vacation from November 1st through the 11th. It was a good time. But this vacation wasn’t a go-one-place-and-relax vacation. It was more like an odyssey. It included 4 flights (counting plane changes, we were on a total of 7 airplanes) and 4 destinations all squeezed into 10 days or so. Fun… […]