What I’m working on this week (Nov. 19 – 23)

So we were on vacation from November 1st through the 11th. It was a good time. But this vacation wasn’t a go-one-place-and-relax vacation. It was more like an odyssey. It included 4 flights (counting plane changes, we were on a total of 7 airplanes) and 4 destinations all squeezed into 10 days or so. Fun… but not something I’d like to repeat any time soon.

At some point on our trip, we caught some kind of supercold that knocked Janelle and I flat on our back for a week. I don’t get sick often and when I do, it’s usually just for a day or two. But this one was a real ass-kicker and we went through our household supply of Nyquil, Buckleys, Advil, generic cold medicine, whiskey, chicken soup, and all of the other remedies you can dream of. As I write this, I’m doing better but still have a cough. Janelle is (I think) at the peak of the cold.

Long story short: A HUGE pile of work has accumulated while I was on vacation and then sleeping away my cold. I have SO much to do, it’s scary.

But it’s also awesome. I love being overwhelmed with work. (Well, most of the time I do. There’s a tipping point where it starts to get tiring).

In case you’re curious about what I’m working on right now, here it is. All of it:

  • Write 8 reports from the recent San Francisco Hard Assets Investment Conference.
  • Write blog posts for the rest of the year for a real estate investing client. He needs 15 blog posts.
  • Writing a video series for a client as we develop a new sales funnel for him.
  • Write December’s articles for a debt repair expert — she needs 14 – 18 articles.
  • Rewrite a real estate investor’s website (he’s changing up a few pages).
  • Write a real estate investor’s print book.
  • Finish 3 ebooks for a real estate investor.
  • Start an ebook for a real estate investor.
  • Write 3 – 5 articles for a mortgage broker’s newspaper column.
  • Write emails and an ebook for my free graphite minerals e-course.
  • Finish and deploy an ecourse for a debt repair client.
  • Create a print magazine for a real estate investing client.
  • Put together at least one conference next year (a real estate investing conference), and explore the possibility of a second conference on a different niche.
  • Finish putting together 2 seminars that I’m doing in December.
  • Start planning 2013 Q1 for a real estate investing website that I’m a partner in.
  • I’ve let my sin stocks blog lapse and I need to get that up and running again.
  • Write a chapter in my Sales Funnel book. (Actually, I’m trying to finish the book this year but I’ll be happy at this point if I can just crack it open and write another chapter).
  • Rebuild a brand of mine that was pulled offline a couple of months ago and needs to be brought back online.
  • Send out an offer to a list that I’m a co-owner of.
  • And of course I need continue planning for 2013.

So yeah, I’ve got a couple of things to do right now. Loving it! But I would love to shake the last bit of this cold so I can really buckle down and work.

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