What I’m working on this week (Nov. 12 – 16)

I’m back!

I took a total of 10 days off — did some traveling, relaxed, visited family and friends. It was busy but good… pretty much how you’d describe every vacation.

I’m back now and ready to write. So here are the things I need to do this week…

  • Finish 3 sales letters that I had started for clients before my vacation. Need to look over their feedback, make changes, and get them off my desk.
  • I somehow accumulated 9 or 10 ebook projects that need to be completed. Yikes! Better get cracking on those. They’re in various states of completion.
  • More work on my book.
  • I’ve got some blog posts to write for my client’s real estate investing blog.
  • With only about a month and a half left in this year, there are a few other things I want to finish up well, to help position my business for next year.
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Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. He is the author of The Sales Funnel Bible and other books.

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