7 ways I use Twitter (and 1 way I don’t)

People ask me all the time why I’m on Twitter. “What’s the purpose of Twitter?” they want to know. Naysayers wonder why I’m on Twitter. Skeptics can’t figure it out. And sometimes clients ask me to help them get new clients from Twitter.

There’s a lot of confusion around Twitter and there are many ways that people use it. I certainly don’t profess to be a guru but I’m happy with my Twitter experience and my business has been positively impacted by it.


  1. I use Twitter to stay up-to-date on general news, weather, sports, and industry-specific news. Twitter is in real-time so with properly chosen people to follow, I stay informed.
  2. I use Twitter to meet interesting people and businesses: I’m fascinated with entrepreneurs, equity and real estate investors, and innovators and Twitter is a great way to listen to them.
  3. I use Twitter to do market research. I pay attention to what my target market is tweeting, retweeting, and commenting on, and it informs my business decisions pretty regularly.
  4. I use Twitter to get outside of my bubble: I work from home and I’m focused on only a couple of niches. It’s easy to stay within that little world. But Twitter helps to get me out of it.
  5. I use Twitter to share myself with the world. I try to do that on my blog a bit, too, but my blog has a focused formality about it that Twitter doesn’t have. Twitter lets me relax a little and share my excitement over a NASCAR race or what I’m reading or eating or doing right now.
  6. I use Twitter to establish my expertise by listening to experts in my field, interacting with them, and sharing thought-leadership that I’ve written or found online.
  7. My favorite way to use Twitter is to have conversations and network with other people. I’ve met some pretty great people on Twitter who I would never normally connect with… but I’ve been able to connect with them on Twitter and then subsequently I’ve connected with them off of Twitter (and even in person). It’s very rewarding.


  1. I never use Twitter to solicit business from a potential client. I don’t ask people to hire me to write or consult for them. I don’t offer my services on Twitter.

In my experience, everyone has a slightly different take on Twitter and some people are totally cool with selling their services or products on Twitter. I’m not there. I love that Twitter is a lens to a larger world of awesome people that I wouldn’t get to connect with in any other way.

One Twitter skeptic asked me if I ever got business from Twitter. Some people who have become my clients have checked out my website, my Twitter account, and other online profiles of mine before hiring me. And I have built some pretty amazing relationships with smart people who have made my business better (through ideas or joint ventures). But no one has ever tried to hire me exclusively because of my Twitter account… and I’m just fine with that.

How do you use Twitter?

Published by Aaron Hoos

Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. He is the author of The Sales Funnel Bible and other books.

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