Small business strategy question: How do you measure company-wide success?

When I’ve worked for large for-profit businesses, there were a ton of metrics that measured just about every activity I did. Those metrics revealed my successes and failures each month. As much as I hated the level of analysis, I have to admit (in retrospect) that there was value to it. Compare that to some […]

What border guards can teach you about answering your customers’ price questions

I like to travel and have traveled all over Canada, through the US, and through parts of Europe. As a result, I’ve encountered numerous border guards (and customs agents)… some were nice (and many were not so nice). Here’s the deal with border guards: They don’t really care about the answers to your questions. What […]

What the mob can teach you about running a local business

I love mobster movies (and TV shows). The Godfather, Goodfellas, Boardwalk Empire… Mob movies give a glimpse into a world that many of us do not encounter. I think one of the things that we like about mob movies is that the backstory is often the same, and it’s something that resonates with us: Someone […]

5 questions to ask when evaluating new marketing opportunities

The web has transformed how businesses market their services. New marketing channels have arisen (blogging, social media) while traditional marketing channels have evolved (press releases). And within these broad channels, specific websites you can use to market your business are regularly unveiled. And every other day, new internet marketing gurus spring up like the many-headed […]