What I’m working on this week (Oct 22 – 26)

What an awesome week last week! A client DUMPED a ton of new projects on my desk and I’ve rolled up my sleeves and I’m cranking through them. The hardest part for me right now is finding the balance between what needs to get done NOW, what needs to get done later, and what I […]

7 fast ways to discover new business opportunities

Businesses are more likely to survive, grow, and succeed when they fill a need. But sometimes finding that need isn’t always easy. You might know conceptually what the general need is but really zeroing in on the actual, tangible, hand-over-their-cash need is much more difficult to do. Once you know and fully understand the need, […]

One of the best marketing campaigns I’ve seen in a while

Workplace safety is an important topic but I have never seen a compelling workplace safety awareness marketing campaign… until now. SAFE Manitoba is the workplace safety organization in my province and although they have an important message to give, most of their campaigns have been… well… a little dull. The ones I’ve seen (and barely […]

34 ways to get more referrals: The ultimate referral guide for financial and real estate professionals

Running your financial or real estate practice takes time and effort and money — and a good portion of that investment is spent on putting potential clients into your sales funnel and trying to turn them into paying clients. Getting referrals makes for more profit because you spend less time, effort, and money to find […]

Real estate agents: Solve these 5 problems to get more repeat business

You work hard for your buyer-clients to help them find a home. You search through house after house until they finally make an offer and it’s accepted. You wish them well, they move into their new home… … so why don’t they call you up when they need to upgrade to a new home in […]