Small business strategy question: How do you define a customer?

In a previous blog post I listed 100 small business strategy questions that entrepreneurs need to ask and answer to grow their businesses. Then I’ve been occasionally examining each question and providing tips and advice on how to answer that question and then apply the answer to your business. The small business strategy question I’m […]

Where do you fit in your customer’s income statement?

I have a cell phone and I drop about $100/month on service. Yet, I refuse to spend $600 on a snowblower. Why am I willing to spend twice as much on a phone but not spend a dime on a snowblower? This silly example illustrates a dichotomy on spending that everyone feels: Namely, my cell […]

Business as a platform: When your sales funnel is part of another business’ sales funnel

My wife and I are avid NASCAR fans. Not to the point of tattoos and flags on our car but we make time to watch each race on TV. While most sports find a way to incorporate advertising into the game, no one does it quite like NASCAR. Viewers are bombarded by marketing throughout the […]

4 ways to monetize your content curation

There is a ton of content on the web and it’s almost overwhelming for people to find the most useful stuff. So curation is becoming increasingly important to help people make sense of it all. (Check out my recent blog post on how to curate). But can you make money as a curator? Here are […]

How to curate content: The best ideas, resources, and tools

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and been unsure what to order because there are so many options? People can become overwhelmed by choice to the point where they cannot easily make decisions or act. A similar thing is happening on the web today. There is so much content out there on the web, […]