Twitter meet-up with real estate pro Mark McLean over South American tapas

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet someone in person who has become a colleague and friend on Twitter. Mark McLean is a business development manager at a real estate company in Toronto Ontario, and he’s also active in the Toronto Real Estate Board. (Read his always-engaging blog, Realty Laboratory).

He’s visiting Winnipeg where the Canadian Real Estate Board is holding its Annual General Meeting and he let me know in advance that he was coming so we arranged to meet.

We met near Winnipeg’s iconic intersection — Portage and Main — and we walked a couple blocks north to one of my favorite Winnipeg restaurants, Hermanos (where, frankly, I gorged myself on their always-delicious South-American-inspired tapas). I tried a new-to-me beer, as well: Quilmes, which is a popular Argentinian beer that I found light and sweet.

It was great meeting Mark in person! I learn a lot from him on Twitter (you should follow him if you are a real estate pro!) and I learned even more from him in person, particularly about the real estate market, the politics of real estate boards, and his experiences in working with real estate professionals.

We talked about real estate, business in general, and floated a potential joint venture project. And I came away with a handful of blog post ideas to write, a couple of bloggers I should follow, plus a couple ideas that might help him with some of the challenges he faces.

This is the reason I’m on Twitter! I don’t “sell” on Twitter. I don’t look for new business from Twitter. I don’t try to get followed by thousands of people.

Instead, I listen to interesting people and I build relationships with them, and that results in something much more than a single transaction. Thanks for the meet-up, Mark!

And if any of my other readers or Twitter followers ever find themselves in Winnipeg, please feel free to get in touch. It’s great to put a face to the tweets!

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