One of the best marketing campaigns I’ve seen in a while

Workplace safety is an important topic but I have never seen a compelling workplace safety awareness marketing campaign… until now.

SAFE Manitoba is the workplace safety organization in my province and although they have an important message to give, most of their campaigns have been… well… a little dull. The ones I’ve seen (and barely remember) are usually poorly acted, highly scripted, and feel like one of those videos we had to watch in high school shop class before they let us use the tools. (I don’t say that to be disrespectful to SAFE Manitoba. They have an important message to tell but, until now, have struggled to raise awareness in a way that is compelling and shareable).

But they have outdone themselves in their current campaign.

Recently I was watching a show that I’d recorded on my PVR. Normally I fast-forward through the commercials but one commercial was about zombies. So I stopped and watched because I think zombies are awesome. The commercial didn’t do anything except show some zombies stumbling around recognizable parts of Winnipeg (and Brandon, a nearby city). Then it flashed a URL at the end of the commercial —

I was intrigued. What was it all about? Was it a home-grown movie? A contest? A social movement? A marketing ploy? At first I thought it might be one of those zombie walks to raise money for something.

As soon as you click on the site, you’re greeting with a very compelling, highly interactive website. There’s a video, a quiz, details about participating, and plenty of opportunity to interact socially.

Here’s a screenshot of part of the website:

And here’s a video I just found on YouTube that is related to the campaign (although it’s not the commercial I saw on TV)

This awareness-building marketing campaign is one of the best campaigns I’ve seen in a long time. Here are a few reasons why this campaign is so effective:

  • The commercials force you to stop and take notice: It’s rare to get commercials that capture attention. These ones do.
  • The sales funnel is smooth and compelling: They don’t give everything away on the TV spot.
  • It has compelling visuals: Zombies are way more interesting than people in hardhats.
  • The campaign is interactive: Users participate; they don’t just read or watch.
  • The campaign has a shareable, buzzworthy feel: People talk about zombies; they don’t talk about some dude in safety glasses who is clearly pretending to be in pain because he is pretending his thumb has been cut off.
  • There is a good tie-in between zombies and workplace safety: It’s not a forced connection but a clear (yet humorous) connection.
  • The use of a contest motivates people to participate.

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