What I’m working on this week (Oct. 8 – 12)


Today is Canadian Thanksgiving, which probably means I’m eating turkey. But I am working for MOST of the week. So here are some highlights for you…

  • Remember the client I wrote a book for earlier this year? It went live two Fridays ago, hit a couple of best-seller’s lists on Amazon, and this client wants to do a few more books with me. Awesome! He’s already sent some ideas (a print book plus we usually do an ebook or two every month so we’ve got some of those on the way).
  • My own book, of course, needs some attention.
  • I’m going to be writing ahead — trying to pre-write articles and blogs for my clients through October, November, and December. I might not get all of them done but I’m going to try. The reason is: I’m traveling a little bit in those months; plus it’s the holiday season; plus everyone I know (including me) starts planning for 2013 in December. So I want to have as much content written and scheduled to publish before things get really hectic.
  • And I sometimes mention that I have a huge number of opportunities available to me. One of my tasks this week is to sort some of those opportunities into short-term, medium-ter, long-term, and it’s-only-a-dream.

Okay, I have to go back to the turkey!

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