What I’m working on this week (Oct 1 – 5)

I’ve missed doing these during my 30 days of focus challenge in September. (Hey I didn’t want to plague you with updates… although I might have anyway).

Lots going on right now — it’s awesome! I think the most challenging thing I’m facing is trying to keep up with the onslaught of opportunities and evaluate them as quickly as possible. I really need to make sure I focus on doing a few things well; meanwhile, my business is changing from a service model to a mixed model (products and services) but that switch is not as easy as just clicking a button.

I’m also thrilled to hear that a print book I ghostwrote for a client of mine is doing really well on Amazon. It’s number one in a specific category and, last I heard, it was pretty high over-all on Amazon, too. That makes me happy and those numbers are, in themselves, a type of reward.

So here’s what I’m working on this week:

  • My client (the one with the Amazon book) is looking to get the jump on another print book. This would be our sort-of third together (I contributed to one book, wrote a recent book in its entirety, and am not planning another one) and his seventh overall. And, he’s got some ideas for ebooks that he wants to do in the interim. This guy sense me so much work — it’s awesome. C’mon fingers, type like the wind!!!
  • I do a lot of work for MetalsNews — an industry news site that interviews experts and does some conference reporting. They send me a lot of the info and raw interviews and I turn all that stuff into user-friendly content. And there is some good stuff coming out of the Hard Assets Conference in Chicago! I’m excited to be writing about it!
  • A client of mine who is a credit repair expert has recently gained some pretty significant attention from some larger companies and I’ve been helping her with articles and blog posts. It’s going really well and, to be perfectly honest, I’m hoping to get even more business from her in the very near future.
  • I do some technical writing for different companies (usually large ones) and my website WinnipegTechnicalWriter.com sends me a fair amount of business for a very specific target market. Well recently a training company contacted me and asked me if I would do some technical writing training for a client of theirs who is looking to train its staff. Of course my answer was a resounding “YES!!!”. I love technical writing; I love training; I love helping businesses; and, I’ve been wanting to expand the amount of speaking and training that I do. So it was a perfect opportunity and I’m working on developing a course for the training company.
  • I’m writing my book. Enough about that for now. It’s coming along. Book writing is very hard work… and it’s even harder when you have a bunch of other priorities that sometimes seem more important.

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