Where do you fit in your customer’s income statement?

I have a cell phone and I drop about $100/month on service. Yet, I refuse to spend $600 on a snowblower. Why am I willing to spend twice as much on a phone but not spend a dime on a snowblower? This silly example illustrates a dichotomy on spending that everyone feels: Namely, my cell […]

Business as a platform: When your sales funnel is part of another business’ sales funnel

My wife and I are avid NASCAR fans. Not to the point of tattoos and flags on our car but we make time to watch each race on TV. While most sports find a way to incorporate advertising into the game, no one does it quite like NASCAR. Viewers are bombarded by marketing throughout the […]

7 fast ways to discover new business opportunities

Businesses are more likely to survive, grow, and succeed when they fill a need. But sometimes finding that need isn’t always easy. You might know conceptually what the general need is but really zeroing in on the actual, tangible, hand-over-their-cash need is much more difficult to do. Once you know and fully understand the need, […]

One of the best marketing campaigns I’ve seen in a while

Workplace safety is an important topic but I have never seen a compelling workplace safety awareness marketing campaign… until now. SAFE Manitoba is the workplace safety organization in my province and although they have an important message to give, most of their campaigns have been… well… a little dull. The ones I’ve seen (and barely […]