30 days of focus: Day 30 update

Welcome to day 30 of my 30 days of focus personal challenge!

It’s the last day of my 30 days of focus challenge. And as I write this, I’m torn about the results. I didn’t achieve everything I wanted to achieve. I hate that. However, I did get a bunch of stuff done that has been sitting on my list for too long. I’ve also been forced to think about what I take on — how to do everything I want to do and how to keep myself from over-committing.

In other news, there have been some really exciting new developments in my business that I’m eager to tell you about. They just landed this week and late last week (and were partly responsible for how busy I’ve been): The first one to add is that I’m delivering a training session on technical writing. I’m just hammering out the dates for that (tentatively October or November) so I’ve been preparing for that. The second thing to mention is that the local real estate professionals have an annual trade show and I just found out that it is happening on October 10. I’m evaluating the possibility of putting together a product and/or service to sell during that show. And the third thing to add is a new assignment from a client who I haven’t heard from in a while who sort of popped out of the woodwork and send me a bunch of things to write. It’s awesome!

I also had a couple of projects “fall off” the list because they were rescheduled. That’s the life of a writer!

Here’s my list of projects…

  1. Restart a client’s ebook about neighborhood-specific real estate investing
  2. Complete the above ebook — The client is working on it as I write this
  3. Restart a client’s ebook about virtual wholesaling
  4. Complete the above ebook — The client is working on it as I write this
  5. Restart a client’s ebook about a specific technology for real estate investing
  6. Complete the above ebook — The client is working on it as I write this
  7. Finish the first draft of my book — What was I thinking? Instead of finishing the first draft, I hit a wall, realized that I was missing a key part, scrapped a good portion of what I had written, and went back to the drawing board on a large section of the book.
  8. Complete a business plan for a client — Didn’t even touch this. Clearly it’s something I’ve been procrastinating on and need to re-think my commitment.
  9. Write and schedule 3 months of autoresponders for GraphiteInvesting.com
  10. Publish 25 articles on an internet magazine that I contribute to — I worked on this a bit but not to the degree that it needed to be done.
  11. Complete an email sequence and free report for one of my joint ventures — FreeVideoSqueezePage.comI worked on this a bit but not to the degree that it needed to be done.
  12. Restart regular emails at FreeVideoSqueezePage
  13. Complete all of the September content for my mortgage loan client (approx. 2000 words)
  14. Schedule daily episodes through the end of the year at HowToInvest.TV
  15. Complete all of the September content for an investing website that I contribute to
  16. Put together what I need to do some real estate investing in 2013
  17. Fix a broken website (which used to earn some money but broke down at the beginning of summer) so it starts to earn money again.
  18. Finish bathroom renovation — I missed this by only a couple of days… I am SO CLOSE!
  19. Restart my workout routine (3 sets of circuit training with 20 lb weights, 3 times per week)
  20. Prepare for the 4-day technical writing training session.
  21. Evaluate (and possibly prepare for) the local real estate trade show.
  22. Write 5 junior resource company reports.

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