30 days of focus: Will Smith’s secrets to his success

Will Smith is a powerhouse in the film industry. His initial start in the entertainment world was as the rapper Fresh Prince — my friend had a tape we used to listen to and I can probably still recite most of the words to “Parents Just Don’t Understand” (Yikes!). Then came Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which helped him transition from a niche music star into a household name. He had some guest spots on smaller shows, then six years on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air then he started into action films with Bad Boys. Will Smith continues to push to new heights with blockbuster films. Enemy of the State is a favorite; so is I Am Legend, commanding $20 million or more per movie.

This video, which is a compilation of several interviews with Will Smith, really captures a lot of the reasons for his success. And it all comes down to focus. He has crazy focus.

What do you take away from that video? I find it inspiring. It makes me want to push harder in everything I do. I want to put down one brick at a time; I want to run until I die.

Published by Aaron Hoos

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