30 days of focus: The halfway point

Today is the halfway point in my 30 day challenge. I wish I could say I’m achieving the goals I wanted to achieve this month. I’m doing okay but I’m not doing as well as I had hoped. I’ve had a few setbacks (nothing major but I just feel like I’m not burning up for what I want to achieve as much as I should be).

There have been some good things, definitely! I’ve crossed some things off my list. I’ve had some good news from some new opportunities (more on that in an upcoming blog). And I’ve had some surprising successes with some of the projects I’ve worked on.

But the truth is, I wish I was a little farther along than I actually am and it’s my fault that I’m not. I can look back and see several opportunities where I let something else pull my focus away from what I want to accomplish. Sometimes I was distracted by worthwhile things (like spending time with my wife) and sometimes I was distracted by things that weren’t the best use of my time.

Fortunately, today — the halfway point in this 30 days of focus — is one of the “mile markers” along the way that remind us to pause, reflect, re-evaluate, and maybe “reset” our thinking so that we can (hopefully) salvage what we can from the month.

In looking back at the last 15 days, I know that I did pretty well during the first week. But on the weekend (last weekend) I started to lose focus a bit. I got a little tired, a little sick, a little distracted by other things… and it pulled me off my game this week. Not completely but enough to notice.

So as I write this, I’m thinking about how to jumpstart that focus and maintain it for the next 15 days. This blog will remind me to be focused today and tomorrow. And maybe even through the week (similar to my level of focus in the first week of the month). But I should think about how to recharge my focus in the weekend when I seem to be at risk of letting it drop. I’m going to put some reminders in place to help with that.

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