30 days of focus: Tiger Woods’ trick to improve focus during his game

Tiger Woods is a great golfer. Some say he’s the greatest golfer in the world. In spite of his off-course challenges, his ability to play so well stems from a combination of his skill at the game as well as his mental focus.

So how can he focus so well? This video does a great job of explaining Tiger Woods’ ability to focus during a game.

The video is about golf and it’s for golfers. But the same rule can be expanded for anyone doing anything.

We should create our own “10 yard line” for whatever we want to focus on: Develop a “zone of focus” that we enter into to complete the task and then exit out of when we’re finished. It helps when it’s something that is rooted in the physical world — like an office or an office chair or an app on your computer. I have an area in my basement that I use to workout. When I go into that area, I’m focused on my workout. And even though I have a laptop and can theoretically work from anywhere, I have a very focused office space that I use only for working.

This idea works for anything and doesn’t have to be specific to physical space: If you have to make cold calls, why not make your telephone’s headset your own “10 yard line” or maybe put an object on your desk that is only on your desk when making cold calls.

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