30 days of focus: Day 2 update

Welcome to day 2 of my 30 days of focus personal challenge! It’s a challenge where I try to regain some of that drive and self-discipline I used to have but have struggled to keep as my business changed. In the 30 days of focus introduction blog post, I listed a bunch of stuff I wanted to accomplish, which I can do if I achieve the level of focus that I want to achieve. I’ve copied and pasted that list here and added a couple of things that I forgot to include in the original list. I’ve bolded the stuff I worked on since my last update and added a couple of notes. I’ll cross off the stuff that is done.

  1. Restart a client’s ebook about neighborhood-specific real estate investing
  2. Complete the above ebook
  3. Restart a client’s ebook about virtual wholesaling
  4. Complete the above ebook
  5. Restart a client’s ebook about a specific technology for real estate investing
  6. Complete the above ebook
  7. Restart a client’s direct marketing copy
  8. Finish the first draft of my book
  9. Complete a business plan for a client
  10. New: Write and schedule 3 months of autoresponders for GraphiteInvesting.comWorked on this today
  11. New: Complete a joint venture project for GraphiteInvesting.com — Worked on this today
  12. Publish 25 articles on an internet magazine that I contribute to
  13. Catch up on overdue content to be published on a joint venture real estate blog
  14. Complete all of the September content for the above joint venture real estate blog
  15. Complete an email sequence and free report for one of my joint ventures — FreeVideoSqueezePage.com
  16. Restart regular emails at FreeVideoSqueezePage
  17. Complete all of the September content for my mortgage loan client (approx. 2000 words)
  18. Complete all of the September content for my credit repair client (approx. 5000 words)
  19. Complete all of the September content for my real estate investing client (approx. 12000 words)
  20. Schedule daily episodes through the end of the year at HowToInvest.TV
  21. Complete all of the September content for an investing website that I contribute to
  22. New: Put together what I need to do some real estate investing in 2013 — Worked on this today: I’ve been looking at commercial and residential properties and filling in the gaps of knowledge I need to talk to some professionals about.
  23. Fix a broken website (which used to earn some money but broke down at the beginning of summer) so it starts to earn money again.
  24. Finish bathroom renovation — Worked on this yesterday and today. I painted some sealant on the bathroom floor and am waiting for it to dry.
  25. Restart my workout routine (3 sets of circuit training with 20 lb weights, 3 times per week) — Worked on this yesterday but only got through one of the 3 circuits. I need to work up to the full workout!

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Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. He is the author of The Sales Funnel Bible and other books.

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