30 days of focus: Book review

One of my favorite books on the topic of focus is The Power of Focus: How to Hit Your Business, Personal, and Financial Targets with Absolute Certainty by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Les Hewitt. (Amazon link) The book lists 10 focusing strategies that readers can follow step-by-step to work toward achieving their goals. […]

30 days of focus: 24 steps to achieve unrelenting focus on any task or goal

There are so many things vying for our time! When we really want to focus on something, it’s easy to get pulled off of course by things that are more entertaining or immediately satisfying or seemingly more important. But if you truly want something, you need to focus to achieve it… to the exclusion of […]

30 days of focus: The psychology of quitting

There’s a lot of thought leadership out there already on the psychology of focusing and being productive. We focus on focus… and that’s a good thing. But I think we should also spend some time thinking about how not to quit. Have you ever quit something? I have. I’ve quit jobs and clients and projects […]

30 days of focus: Thoughts about pushing through the dip

This is going to be one of those “gulp” blog posts that I’m sure I’ll regret writing but I feel like I probably should write. People who are highly focused seem to be able to power through the darkest, greyist, loneliest, hardest times, fueled by a passion to excel at whatever they’re doing. I hate […]